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College to Campus

A student’s life metamorphoses when they make a transition from being a graduate to a professional joining corporate culture. However, this transition can become hard for them due to the lack of guidance, mentoring and training.

A student cannot become successful solely based on academic education. It is never the lack of knowledge but its implementation that hinders the growth of freshers. There are various other aspects of their personality that helps them in achieving what they aspire and desire.

Campus to Corporate Training aids in transitioning from College to Professional setup. This session helps students to prepare themselves for their first professional interview. It focuses on comprehensive preparation starting from before the interview, during and after the interview training.

 This workshop entails educating and training students on the basics of corporate communication, developing interpersonal skills, learning time-management skills, basics of grooming and the mindset transformation needed to shift from College to the Working Culture.

The students possess the knowledge, but lack the skills, especially soft skills and the correct attitude to handle the corporate environment. Although these are intangible assets, the comprehensive training methods I use have a tangible impact. The young minds get to learn techniques to adapt to the business realities, set goals, maintain work-life balance and develop an enabling attitude.

"A well-prepared individual has already won half the race."

- AS