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Emotional Mastery

Some skills aren’t taught in school and college, but that doesn’t stop them from being important. Emotional intelligence (EI/ EQ) is one of them. As EQ is an essential trait for every student who is keen to develop his personality, soft skills and technical skills.

EQ affects the quality of lives because it influences human behaviour and relationships.

It involves:

  • Emotional literacy

Recognizing your own feelings and the feelings of others.

  • Managing emotions

Being able to control your emotions effectively.

  • Developing empathy

Understanding and sharing the feeling of others.

  • Intrinsic motivation

Pushing yourself to meet the goals you haven’t set. 

A positive personality is reflected in motivating oneself and others around you, building confidence and trust, resolving conflicts and controlling anger. These traits are effectively learnt and facilitated in my training workshops.

Moreover, An individual with high EQ is able to communicate better, lessen their anxiety and stress, resolve conflicts, improve relationships, empathize with others, and overcome life’s challenges.

With rise in mental health issues, developing EQ has numerous merits

  • likely to have lower levels of anxiety and depression
  • more likely to be socially active and involved
  • more likely to be in good shape and feel healthy.

In addition, College Students will also have a better chance of building bonds with your professors and peers.

"Emotional Intelligence allows us to respond instead of react."

- AS