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Magic of Growth Mindset

What you believe you are- You are!

Yes, you are what you believe. Your beliefs play a vital role in what you want and whether you achieve it.

However, as human beings we tend to remain enveloped in our comfort zones. In other words, I believe that we are born with certain skill sets and wouldn’t be able to grow any further. This attitude can be detrimental for teachers. As they are dealing with young and growing minds. So, we are never in their comfort zones and are always striving to grow and learn.

Imagine, if teachers knew how to smoothly sail from Comfort to Growth Zone, they wouldn’t find it hard to answer the never ending questions of the students, communicate with parents, be empathetic, know themselves better, de-clutter their own mind space and balance their work and life.

This action-packed workshop with Teaching is a Self-Reflective and Self-Realization seminar, where they are quipped with tools, techniques and strategies to break-down their Comfort Pull and charge up their Growth push. The workshop involves overcoming Fear, Changing Mindset and Taking Actions.

In the comfort zone, life feels safe. But everything we dream of becoming lies in the growth zone. In that second zone, you will feel vulnerable and afraid and insecure, but in that struggle, that’s where the magic happens. That’s where the growth and learning takes place.

That’s where you evolve.

The purpose of the workshop is to continue the evolution process.

"The best way to contribute to the world, is by being the best version of yourself."

– AS