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Mastering Emotions

Emotions affect us daily, from basic interactions to life-changing decisions, our emotions have a huge part to play in our lives. It impacts on our psychological and physical well-being. To gain insight into our emotions, you need to first recognize and identify them, before starting to explore and develop a deeper understanding of them.

Our training workshop utilises the latest techniques and findings from the field of psychology, psychotherapy and neuroscience to help you identify your positive and negative emotions, and what to do to master them.

With this workshop, you will have an understanding of your emotional state and how to overcome negative emotions such as anger and anxiety. You will learn about the triggers of negative emotions and lastly, practical tools that can be used to keep a masterful check on your emotions and get the best out of them.

Duration – 10 hours

"It is easiest to be YOU, so be YOU."

- AS