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I’m generally asked, “How did this begin?” or “What got you into the field of training and psychology?”

Like many, I too have an intriguing story. I’m an Army BRAT (Born Raised and Transferred), thus I got to opportunity to study in various Army Public Schools and Kendriya Vidhyalaya’s of cities like Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Vadodara and Ahmedabad. During my schooling years, I realised my core strength and forte lied in my communication skills.

Hence, I choose the Hospitality Industry to further ameliorate it. After completing my graduation, I was selected as a Management Trainee for the Leela Group of Hotels, and then there was no turning back. I was with this hotel chain for more than half a decade, working at their flagship properties in Mumbai, Trivandrum, Bangalore and Gurugram.

At a managerial post, starting from supervising front desk personnel to resolving guest issues, I was extensively involved in trainings and recruitments. During my time in the industry, I realised how important it is for people to be able to communicate effectively.

Soon, I started to focus on communication training and mentoring my teams’ communication skills. I came to a realisation that this is something I genuinely enjoyed and would love to do forever. The hospitality industry groomed, shaped and transformed my communication skills, leadership capabilities and problem solving qualities.

From, this enriching experience of working with and for people in the hospitality industry, I transformed my career to a Personality Enhancement Trainer and in 2013, I instituted my training center.

Few fabulous years in the training industry, I realized that individuals are struggling not with the challenges of the outside world but with their own inner-self. Like, the old adage goes, “You are your own worst enemy”. This was my moment of truth. As, I was training, helping and coaching people’s outer personality but not their inner self. To understand a human’s true self and mindset, I decided to pursue Psychology as my Masters, first in Counseling Psychology followed by Clinical Psychology. This further transformed me as trainer and most importantly as a human being.

My passion for training, counseling and coaching has been fueled further. Moreover, I believe in imparting my knowledge through the simplest means, activities and do-able tasks. As life is simple, but we complicate it. Thus, to undo the complication, we must comprehend life as lucid as possible.

My forte lies not just in Outer Personality i.e. Communication Skills, Corporate Etiquettes, Group Dynamics, Interpersonal Skills and so forth, but also Inner Personality which is Intrapersonal Skills, Boosting Self Esteem, Confidence and Cognitive Health.

As of today, I have counselled more than 5,000 students through personality enhancement workshops and training at 50+ educational institutes. I have conducted training sessions at more than 50 companies and have personally counselled 100+ individuals.

I also participate in social work through my NGO called Mutthi. Its goal is to provide support to women who face gender discrimination. Something that I think is still prevalent beyond the comforts of urban regions. I have been able to reach more than 14,000 girls through this.

With nearly a decade as a Personality Enhancement Trainer and Psychologist, observing people come to terms with themself and grow works as fuel for me. It motivates me to keep doing what I do. Each transformed individual and their thankful words work as an assurance. That’s what I do is amazing, life-changing indeed… Not just for me but for many, many people.

About Me

Namaste! I’m Archana Shaktawat.

A Personality Enhancement Trainer by passion, a Psychologist by heart and a Feminist by thoughts.

I’m on a quest to help you find your true-self – your unique personality and enable you to enhance it further. As change begins with self-acceptance.

My motto is ‘Change comes from within’ and I believe that personality cannot be faked. As a personality enhancement and behavioural change professional, my goal has been to enable people to find their true self, be confident in their own skin and become the best version of themselves.

With an experience of 8+ years in the field of Training and 4+ years as a Counseling and Clinical Psychologist, my trainings help individuals harmonize their personal and professional skills in order to excel in both.

My trainings enable students to plan for academics and in their search for employment.

These are self-reflective sessions and workshops which equips students to take stock of their achievements and help set goals in all areas of your life.

Being associated with educational institutions, I transform not just students’ personalities but also the faculty members’ mindset. As a motivated and inspired Teacher/ Faculty is an asset not just for the students but also the organization. My workshops concentrate on improving their self-esteem, positive thinking, self-control, and practicing good cognitive health. When students are taught by emotionally intelligent faculty members, they imbibe it and Voila! The change in mindset is evident.

With my personal corporate experience, I resonate with the ideology that “Happy professionals mean better efficiency and adeptness.” However, due to constant pressure and competition, individuals lose focus of their personal and professional goals, which impacts their efficiency.

Hence, my training and workshops in companies develop a new level of passion among individuals by speaking about their strengths, by giving them different perspectives and helping them look at things from a more positive light. This involves improving interpersonal skills to build rapport and listen to customers, colleagues and management. Thus, performing better in a team, as a team leader, and enriching their communication.

Lastly, every individual can feel stuck with personal or professional goals. I help, counsel, coach and mentor individuals on enrichment of their Inner Personality. To simplify this, incorporate concepts of assessing and understanding one’s own personality, being assertive, energizing anger, practicing optimism, overcoming anxiety and handling depressive phase of life.

I’m compassionate about training and helping individuals enhance their unique personality and work on and around themselves rather than imitating anybody else. As nobody can play YOU, better than YOU.

I welcome you to join this journey with me!