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Anthony Robbins says, “The secret to living is giving.” 

We need the first four needs: certainty, variety, love and significance for human survival. Growth and contribution are needed for human fulfilment but not everyone seeks them out. 

Contribution involves extending beyond oneself, transcending personal needs, and giving to others without anticipating personal gain. It encompasses contributing to people, causes, or movements, serving as a means to establish a legacy, leave a mark on the world, and make a meaningful difference. Contributions come in diverse forms, aligning with individual talents, skills, abilities, interests, and desires.

Regarded as the paramount among the 6 Human Needs, Contribution serves as a regulating force for the others. Prioritizing Contribution leads to Connection and likely love with others as you assist them. It introduces Variety by deviating from routine activities. Significance is affirmed as you understand you are positively impacting others and making a meaningful difference. Certainty is achieved through the assurance of being able to contribute, and Growth is inevitable, fostering spiritual, mental, emotional/psychological, and, if physical activity is involved, physical development.

In essence, Contribution stands as the cornerstone for a fulfilling life experience.

Engaging in acts of contribution is a potent force capable of creating a lasting impact on the lives of those in your vicinity. It involves transcending personal needs and aspirations, centering on how you can assist others in attaining their objectives. Contribution need not be extravagant; even small acts of kindness possess the potential to yield significant results!