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UpSkilling Communication

Effective communication has many advantages. It can lead, inspire, influence, and enhance lives. My training workshop focuses on four core areas –

  1. iNtrapersonal communication – Finding your inner-voice which is fuelled by your subconscious. Your ideas, thoughts, beliefs and intuition originate from here. These can be positive and negative, but due to human nature, one is more inclined to heed to the negatives.

    Our training sessions help you find a constructive and positive inner voice. This creates a positive outlook towards oneself, the situations they are facing and stay self assured and motivated. 

  2. iNterpersonal communication – Exchange of information, thoughts, feelings etc with other individuals, mostly face-to-face falls under interpersonal communication. It is not just about speaking with the other person, but conveying what you mean through non-verbal elements such as body language, expression and tone.

    Our training workshops help you holistically develop your interpersonal communication skills. This covers building relationships and understanding, conveying a message the way it’s intended to effectively, collaboration and teamwork, developing a greater understanding of your and others’ language communication etc.

  3. Public Speaking – From presentations to meetings to speeches, public speaking is important if you wish to share ideas, lead or influence people. But it is a very hard skill to master.

    Our training workshop divides it into four steps
    – Overcoming the fear of public speaking. Understanding the causes and using psychological techniques to overcome it.
    – Speaking with conviction and passion. Learning voice modulation and improving the rhythm of speaking.
    – Third step is improving your body language. The delivery of your message depends on your body language. A great speech can be ruined by dull, expressionless delivery.
    – At last, learning how to develop great content for your speech. Your audience can forgive a lack of style in speaking if the content itself is good, but not vice-versa.

"Never imitate, insist on being yourself."

- AS